Embedded Consulting

DSP architecture and algorithms
Oticon audio router / mixer including sample rate conversion and CoDec
BeKey security algorimths. Encryption, Decryption and Signing.

Bluetooth Low Energy
BeKey BLE GATT profile specification and implementation.
Hippih BLE GATT implementation and verification.
BlueGiga, TI, CSR embedded platforms.
iOS, Android (Motorola Razr, Broadcom Open API, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One X+ and newer), Windows 8 (soon also coming for Windows Phone 8!)
Mac OSX applications using Core Bluetooth as well as Bluetooth Classic using internal API’s (not for App Store!)

Augmented Reality
Mac/PC/Linux/iOS/Andorid: Image recognition and superimposed contents (static as well as animated 3d models)

Embedded electronics
CSR1000 and CSR uEnergy platform: Charging and Sleep configuration, Bluetooth LE configuration and implementation
NFC cards formatting and structure design for use with Android and Windows Phone 8.